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Thread: Coming up this summer...

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    Default Coming up this summer...

    I plan on making a trip up from Oregon this summer, and staying in Ninilchik. So far it looks like it will be late September. I will mostly be fishing, but I was curious how the upland bird and small game hunting is that time of year. Down here grouse season starts Sept. 1 and runs through Jan. Is it similar for you guys?

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    Upland bird hunting (mainly ptarmigan) opens on August 10th, and should be great when you're here in September. From Ninilchik, your best bet would be to drive an hour and a half north into the Kenai Mountains. There are a lot of excellent trails that will take you into the alpine - Devil's Pass, Crescent Lake, Skyline Trail, and more. Another option in September will be spruce grouse, which can be found in the lowland forests right around Ninilchik.


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