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Thread: Wooden Snowshoe Pain!!

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    Unhappy Wooden Snowshoe Pain!!

    I just returned from a maiden 3hr hike on fresh snow (no ice, roads, etc) on my new Iverson wooden snowshoes w/ rawhide decking-- and noticed much of the varnish on the bottom has worn off. This is my first pair of wooden snowshoes, and I'm wondering if this is normal. I know wooden snowshoes need to be re-varnished about once a year; but after the first 3hr hike in good conditions?? (this seems pretty impractical for a multi-day trip in backcountry, etc)
    Variables abound, but how long should it take for varnish to need replacing on wooden/ rawhide snowshoes w/ recreational once-a-week use in good conditions? (my guess is about once a season)

    MANY thanks!!

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    I've gone several years without re-varnishing at all, and the rawhide lasted quite well. I know they will last a lot longer if you re-varnish though. They don't wear much, and as long as they dry out they won't rot on you either. I'm sure the humidity effects that, but most of AK has pretty dry air.

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