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Thread: Rural preference Musk ox hunt...

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    Default Rural preference Musk ox hunt...

    I didn't know which one I I took them both and figured it out after they were down:

    It actually isn't a rural preference hunt...but I like to stir the pot and I know that "rural preference" is a good way to do it. And I didn't take both... Read on...

    Here is the story as told by my buddy who I took out:

    Day 1....
    Rode 80 miles in frozen tundra with some snow......found a herd of cows...and a dead cow.......

    Day 2....

    Go completely opposite direction. 35 miles into the head waters of a river. Into the saddle that splits 3 drainages..

    On the way there, I hit a mutant willow and broke my rifle stock....GAY....
    so we were down to a lever action BLR .450

    anyways, we ride to the top, and spot the herd.....there they are, 1500 ft above us, about 500 ft from the highest peak around....
    Park the machines and start the ascent. 1 hr about 1.5 miles and an hour later....we are 155 yds away. there are 3 bulls in the herd...
    Then it happens they see Matt.....And there they go... up to the peak, like their cousin the goat....
    They take up position on the very top of the hill, and the bulls crack heads and watch us as we continue the approach.

    we go at them until they can't see us down the steep hill., then we go to what we think is going to be their flank. 500 vertical feet later, at the top of a Turr, we belly crawl to the edge....
    And like the Master predators we are, there they were, 30 ft straight below us, and you could spit on em...
    We pick out the 2 biggest bulls....and wait.....and wait.... and wait......then it turns broadside.....(remember we are down to 1 gun....Matt being the gracious host, lets me have first shot)...
    I aim them open sights, and pull the trigger.....And rock that sucker...I work the lever and reload, toss the rifle to Matt who snipes the second bull.....
    down they go.....
    Then we thoguht about how to get em down....... WHoops...after a struggle, some expert hill climbing with the snow machines we get there...

    In the background of my pick you can see the clock tower we used, Like Charles Whitman at U of Texas...

    Know guns. Know peace. Know safety.

    No guns: no peace. No safety!

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    Been a little hard finding mature Ox lately. These guys went where others weren't and found some quality animals.
    Actually folks, this was another "true subsistence" hunt by 2 legal Alaskan subsistence hunters.
    I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
    I have less friends now!!

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    Great looking animals, congrats on your success!

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    Great story, and really well composed photos as well!


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