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Thread: Flew the new carbons and...

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    Default Flew the new carbons and...

    WOW!!! I fletched some Victory VForce V1's. My expectations were greatly exceeded! These shafts are thin, light and straight. They grouped way closer than my comfort zone with new arrows... started shooting the 5 spot just to be safe!

    So, the shafts are 31" fletched with 2" blazers and 125gr 3D tips. While I didn't measure FOC, it look to be about 10% (I'll get a bit more scientific when I get a chance; I'll thow them on the scale as well). I am hoping to fit some lighted noc's, so that will change the FOC a bit.

    I was able to get these shafts locally from forum member Marc Taylor. Not only would I recommend the shafts, but Marc was awesome! So, shoot him a PM or EM and get those Victory shafts on the way! (Thanks Marc).

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    Yaaay! Victory Shafts!

    Boooo fletching!

    Cut and squared myself another batch as well, but they are FOB'd.
    Glad I could help!



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    Default V-1s and FOBS score

    I have Victory V-1s and FOBs. I just used them on a muskox subsistence hunt and they work flawlessly on a 4 year bull I was lucky enough to shoot. I also used this same combo for a whitetail in West Virginia last fall.

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    Default I hear you...

    I just can't see how the FOB's will sneak through the WB???

    Congrats on the muskox... that's AWESOME!!!

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    Default CE Maxima 350

    Been using these for 5 years now with excellent results. 28" 125g 4Bl Magnus Buzzcuts, predator camo wraps, and Flex Fletch vanes (awesome!) at 409g. My setup hits same as FP, no worry for really big critters out of my Alien X, 300fps.........
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