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Thread: I need to create a layer...

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    Default I need to create a layer...

    in order to put some copywrite images on my photos? On my Laptop I have Corel Paint Shop Pro 2 & my tower I have PS 7....Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated...thanks

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    The answer is NO

    The answer is YES

    Now let me explain: Open any image in (editing program).

    Now save as: (different file name)

    Add your copyright 'mark' notice what ever you want to call it.

    Save ! your finished.

    never under any conditions OVERWRITE AN ORIGINAL FILE !!

    SO... When you open original file... you rename it (original filename-CN)


    NOW, the other method -

    Open original filename - create new blank layer - add copyright notice to blank layer

    SAVE AS: original file name -CN


    now only layer is visible .. Save As: OFN-cn

    I am sure you can just create a blank document and in (black or white) for background purposes or TRANSPARENT you can create you 'logo' or copyright notice etc.


    FORGET IT.. It is just a 'vain' display of puffed up vanity.

    Now; I know - some people are going to jump all over me and say quite the opposite.

    I have had many reputable firms STEAL my images. I know what is invoved in trying to recover damages.. FIRST - usually a lawyer wants money up front to proceed. THEN if that person - doesn't have anything you can't get anything from them !!

    In other words - if it costs you thousands to hire this lawyer - and the person doesn't have nothing - YOU LOOSE (COST OF LAWYER).

    I have been through this too many times. When you apply your copyright notice.. to be valid by law you also must send in the info plus image(s) to the copyright office! You have a certain amount of grace period to accomplish this to FINISH and make valid your CLAIM !!

    As a very successfull photographer - Let me impart my way of thinking here.

    Keep your images clean and free from such DISTRACTIONS !!

    PEOPLE WHO VIEW your images - should know already who you are !!

    The creator of ALL THINGS - knows who I am .. that is all I need !!

    That is the #1 reason for my CONTINUED success !!

    I.E. quit bragging and start CREATING !!

    I study (in great detail) images all day long created by the best professionals in the industry - world reknown experts.. I study to continue to learn !!
    one thing I find amongst the top profesionals - I don't see these copyright notices on their images !!
    The vast majority of images I look at are empty - (sigh - good) .

    I do not need my name on images. or notices. Proverbs 3- 5-7 TRUST in the Lord with ALL thy heart - DO NOT LEAN TO YOUR WAY OF THINKING !!
    ACKNOWLEDGE HIM in all thy ways.. & he will direct your paths.. THAT MY FRIEND.. .. 'is a promise' !! YOU CAN TAKE IT TO THE BANK !! STAND ON IT claim it with AUTHORITY !!


    LET YOUR PHOTOS DO ALL THE TALKING you don't have to say ANYTHING !!

    This is of course - my personal opinion !!

    People amaze me - with the steps they take to convince people THEY are a photographer. they buy the best camera names and the very best lenses available.. BUT NOT ONE OF THEM - USES the most important tool available in this business .. !!

    A note book !!

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    Add the copyright.

    Some folks don't learn from their mistakes
    ><((((>.`..`.. ><((((>`..`.><((((>

    "People who drink light 'beer' don't like the taste of beer; they
    just like to pee a lot." --Capitol Brewery

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    The way I see it, writing a name on one's photos to post on the Internet is a good advertisement. Photos displayed on the Internet are relative small in size, usually not worth stealing. Full size images take a lot of hard drive room. I write a name to my photos posted in this and other forums, but my photos are very small (a few KB in size), while the originals are several MB.

    The original images are best kept safe, although one can buy a "Watermark" license that can be added to PhotoShop to mark one's images. But as there are watermarks, a knowledgeable person can remove it.
    To the OP: to add a name or something like that on your photo, first reduce it's size to approximately 800 pixels horizontally. The application you use to size it can be set to automatically trim the photo vertically (or vise-verse). Then, using PS7, look for the smallest font possible in the list of fonts, and pick that one. Now, place the Text tool on the area of the photo you want to type, and type away. The next step is to save the photo for Web. Choose "Highest Quality," and around 150KB in size, and Save to a folder or something. That's all there is to it: the result is an image of approximately 7" x 5" on your screen, but tiny in relation to quality, which makes it not the best for stealing nor printing, while still good for viewing on the Internet.


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