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Thread: redshirt lake access

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    Default redshirt lake access

    howdy folks,

    I was lucky enough to get a reservation for redshirt lake cabin #2 for a couple of days. I have been pouring over the access maps and information but have never been snowmachining in the area.

    Does anyone have any info on winter trail access into redshirt? are the trails marked when going from lake to lake? is it easy to get lost (IE is it idiot proof? a key for me ) I am looking at the state maps, checking the trail reports from snowmachining club etc...



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    Default Red Shirt

    I'm familiar with three access points on to Red Shirt Lake. The two least challenging to find are the north entrance and the other in the extreme South-Southeast. They are opposite ends of the 3 mile +/- long Red Shirt Expressway. The North entrance trail runs from the from terminus of Nancy Lake Parkway over South Rolly Lake and then thru about 2.1 miles of swamp and forest to the north end of Red Shirt. The SSE entrance to Red Shirt is gained by taking Trail 6 out of Big Lake/Flat Lake over what is know to some as Calf Lake (south and East of Cow Lake) then across Cow Lake to the traverse to the South end of Red Shirt thru approx. 1 mile of swamp.

    The third access point I'm familiar with is known as "Steve's Trail". I can't see you needing to use that for your adventure. I'm sure that others know of other "secret" shortcuts into Red Shirt.

    As to the snowmachine/canoe portage trail thru Nancy lake from the Houston/Big Lake side...once you get on to East Butterfly Lake and spot the trail going north Stevie Wonder could find the route in the dark...especially if you lay your hands on one of Trail Boss's excellent maps. They can be had at any of the snowmachine shops and most gas stations in Wasilla or Big Lake, Houston and Willow.

    If you need more info, feel free to PM me.

    Have fun...oh, the Iron Dog starts at 1300 this coming Sunday, Feb 21 on Big Lake.

    There is a recently improved trail, East Red Shirt Lake Trail...I've not been on it so I can't speak to its suitability for your needs.

    IMO a novice should have no problem traversing any of the trails into Red Shirt and the Nancy Lakes system. Keep in mind there can be a lot of traffic on the single track traverses between lakes, what with dogs teams, XC skiers and folks on bicycles and foot making the traverse.

    Have Fun!
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    Default Red shirt

    Party Chief pretty much has it covered.

    I went there a couple times last season. I've been in both ways, and the shorter is from the Nancy Lake end as I recall. The trail is well marked, but it is usually bumpy as all get out from lots of use.

    Make sure when you get to the end of Nancy Lake Parkway on your sled, GO LEFT through the Rolly Lake campground. DO NOT take the marked trail to the right that says Red Shirt summer trail. That is a no motorized vehicles area on that trail, and the ranger will get you.

    Have you stayed in those cabins before? You know they are pretty sparse. It's best to bring some kind of sleeping pad since the bunks are plywood. Candles or a lantern will help also.

    I rented cabins 1 and 4 I think. I'm not positive about the numbers. Get a map. One of those rascals is in a cove and up in the trees. It's tough to find in the dark. In daylight it should be easier.

    If you want more information or pics, send me a private message.
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    Default wrong picture

    I realized after I hit post, that I uploaded the wrong photo. I meant to attach an interior shot of a cabin. They are all similar, just slightly different sizes.

    We brought wood, but there was a bunch already cut. We left the stuff we brought for the next people.
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    Default Red Shirt Winter Access


    Here's a shot of the trail map. You can get it by going to the nancy lake rec area web site. I highlighted the trail in Red for the easy way in. Off the south end of the lake is a trail to Cow lake, and then it goes all the way to the little Su or Big Lake.

    It crosses the Iron Dog trail so watch out for those guys.

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