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    Hey all the wife myself and a friend have some Snow Machines rented for a 3-day Spring Break (Mar. 9-11) trip. We were/are planning on going to Nancy Lake (loved the summer canoe trail) but we got to talking and thought maybe it would be fun to try somewhere else. Here is our info so if anyone has a suggestion that would be great.

    - 3 People
    - 2 Snowmachines (1 gear sled)
    - Inexperienced riders but adventurous and brave
    - Like the idea of a public use cabin overnight(s)
    - Destination (lake, cabin, etc., hot springs) could be a nice touch

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Three days is a longggg time. What ever you do, don't spend all three days in the same spot, you'll be bored to tears. Book a night here and a night there and stay away from all the roadside lodges. More remote the better the deal. Stay on the move all three days to get as much into as you can. I would look at the Denali Hiway and check Alpine and McClaren Lodges. Claude from Alpine is on this forum. Looks like he has real good set up there now. Search this forum for him. Second best would be to hit two or three lodges along the Yentna River. First stop should be Northwoods Lodge, then work your way back.
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