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Thread: outcast discovery 10 ft??

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    Default outcast discovery 10 ft??

    So I can get a really good deal on this boat....

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this boat or one like it. I would like to take it mostly on rivers including some multi day trips. Thinking of anything from montana/willow to the gulkana and the lower talkeetna. Do you guys think this boat would handle this type of water? I really would like to pick up a one man cat and I just want to make sure this boat is safe to handle the waters I want to do.

    I have a good amount of rafting experience all in round boats though. Gulkana, chulitna, clear creek, parts of the nenana, and tokositna.



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    Default looks good

    I have 2 that are probably about the cheapest you can buy and they work fine. I paid 200 for one and 250 for the other used.

    The linked cat is of much higher quality than mine. We have only floated the little willow, Upper Kenai, and the Kasilof with ours so I am not sure about the other rivers you mention.

    For a 1 man cat that one looks pretty good. I spose you could leave the lean bar off - seems that would get in the way - we usually pull over and stop to fish.

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    Default Yup

    I've got a Sportsman's 10, which is the lesser expensive version of that boat made a few years earlier by Aire/ Outcast. I love it (although I haven't used it much since I bought my Pac 1400). The one thing I wish mine had is a standing platform/ lean bar. Aire/ Outcast are awesome to deal with, their warranty is bomber, and the boats are as reliable as they come. These one man cats are amazingly stable and will handle anything the rivers you're looking at will dish-out.

    For serious whitewater, or rivers with many sweepers, I would agree with Bull, that the lean bar should go, but for the Kenai and lake fishing, the ability to stand and fish is pretty nice. Dave Scadden even took a similar boat to Mexico and fished the Yucatan flats with it.


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