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Thread: Naknek vs. Southeast

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    Default Naknek vs. Southeast

    I'm planning our annual trip for august 2007. I'm thinking of naknek lake/river for big bows as one option. the other is fishing southeast where we have never been. I know a guy out of seattle who has a tender boat and he works southeast (around Ketchikan) during the salmon season in July. He is willing to take us aboard for a couple weeks after the season, sometime in August.
    the problem is my buddy with the boat doesn't know anything about sportfishing or where to go. He has a skiff and will drop us off anywhere we want to fish rivers for the day. What about the rivers in this area, we can travel just about anywhere we want in the area I just don't have a clue where to start. Any ideas, would be great, thanks Asteelie

    ps. any steelie rivers would be a bonus.

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    There are no Steelhead in at that time of the year. Steelhead are fished from now till late April early May.

    There are hundreds of streams to choose from between Ketchikans Island, the Mainland to the east or Prince of Wales Island. During August they will be full of Humpies, some Dogs in some systems and Dollies. A few systems will have Sockeye winding down fast. Some systems will have Silvers starting in toward the end of Aug. There are a few summer Coho runs in the mix also.

    At that time of year Trout (mainly Cutthroat) fishing is best where there are not Salmon runs. Like above a fish barier.


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