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Thread: Shrimp Pot Pullers

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    Default Shrimp Pot Pullers

    I am new to this forum and thought I'd ask some experts about pot pullers. I did read some earlier threads on King Power pot pullers and what they said was, they pretty much sucked.

    So, I went to the boat show last weekend and I see these "rebuilt" King Power pot pullers being sold from the boys at AK Mining & Diving, for the unblieveable sum of $300.00. I bought one of these units based on what they told me. What they said was that these are rebuilt pullers with a heavier duty motor than the older version. They told me that reps from King Power came to Anchorage and replaced the old motors with new ones because of previous complaints about the lack of power. These units look brand new, with new pulleys and a new sheave, and even have a solid metal cover over the motor. I am optimistic at this point and really hope I didn't get burned. I will definitely post my results here after I try it out this season.

    Any thoughts?

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    check out my stuff and do a search here on the electra dyne pot haulers, cost quite a bit more $$ than the one you bought but they are just about bombproof. I'll be at all the Sportsmens shows this spring so please stop by and say hello.
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    Yeah I've seen Steve's Electra Dyne Pot puller in action last year at the Fairbanks Show. It was very impressive to say the least, I'm supprised he didn't burn a hole in his gloves....

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    check out the safe t hauler it works great can pull 5 pots at a time with no problem


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