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Thread: A more effective small game head

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    Default A more effective small game head

    I did some more bowhunting for small game yesterday and I am certain I lost one, and probably two wounded hares. I have been using the little springy arm things behind a field point and all they do is pass right through and leave no blood trail when the rabbit takes off.

    I don't like leaving dying game in the field, even hares. I realize that the circle of life continues and I made a fox or lynx very happy but I want to find a better way. I'm always going for head shots but I'm still a novice at range estimation so I hit low sometimes. I'd like to find something that will anchor a hare with a body shot if it happens.

    Will blunts put them down with the massive crush injury? How about a really small broadhead that I can leave unsharpened?
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    Try the Small Game Heads by G5. They look like a 3-pronged claw. Accomplish the same thing as the springs by grabbing brush so you don't lose your arrow, but they put the smackdown on your target. We use them on the Haul Road for ptarmigan, so you don't lose your arrow in the tundra. They are a bit pricey, but they work!

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    Rubber blunts are devastating on hares! HTM Rubber blunts with a steel blunt underneath them are smoking hare and even grouse heads!

    Judo's (the heads with the springy things), are ment for shooting in grass, more for stump shooting then killing anything at all.

    If you DO shoot at grouse, DO NOT shoot WITHOUT the steel blunt. The difference is amazing! For quite awhile now I toted how bad rubber blunts were on grouse..till a buddy showed me the steel blunt trick and now I wont shoot them with anything else! Mind you I've shot them with about every glue on small game head I can find.

    For hares, the rubber blunts are great. If you end up body shooting them they CAN run a little bit. Most die right there. Add that steel blunt and I think you'll be extremely pleased!

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