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    Default Friday Lynx

    I made a few stands on my way home from work yesterday and was able to get this 27lb Female Lynx. Took 12 minutes of calling until she showed up about 12-15 feet in front of me. She was less than 2 feet in front of the speaker and I quickly threw up the shotgun and took a crack shot. She ran into the thick, snow covered trees and I immediately jumped up and ran to where I saw her. I crouched down low and saw her standing about 50 yards in the thick spruce and downed trees. I put the bead on her head and dropped her. Looks like a couple BB's get her in the head and that's it. The Carlson Dead Yote choke on the Benelli seems to keep the pattern tight quite a ways out there.


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    Nice one. Doesn't look like the speaker took any hits. Was the cat hit at all with the first shot or did she stop out at 50 yards to assess the situation? Good post, had a better day than I did.

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    Nicely done! I've done little calling thus far, but getting a lynx to come in is #1 on my list of "wouldn't that be cool" calling experiences. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    the feet in the first pic look astronomical.... holy crap

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    Default Complete Miss

    I think the first shot was a complete miss. I had the shotgun aimed towards the speaker, but had to quickly get the butt up to my shoulder. With such a tight pattern on that choke, I'm sure I shot over. No damage to the caller, thank goodness. I kept the caller playing the entire time, so maybe she just dashed into the thick stuff and was thinking about another stalk on the caller.

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    Nice job........again!!!!
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    Nice going, It's proably a good thing you missed your first shot, with that choke tube you would have dusted it

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    Default Great story

    Man that is a fantastic story of what must be some of the most exciting hunting available, and a beautiful animal as well,

    Wish I was you...

    I was rabbit hunting out of Fbks once in deep winter and without having heard anything or noticing any movement, I suddenly realized I was looking directly at a Lynx in the brush at about twenty feet, and it was looking directly at me. Then it just disappeared like a ghost, no sound, just gone into the thick snow covered brush.

    One of my top experiences in the wilderness EVER

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    I'm pretty happy that the first shot didn't connect too, because it would've tore up the nice hide. It's the closest I've had a Lynx come in on me, hopefully none get closer then that. Amazing how quiet it sneaked in and one of my most exciting calling adventures yet. I'm heading back early tomorrow to see if I can find the tom in the area.

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    Nice job!!!!!!!!!!!

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    -and the huge feet get me everytime, too-

    -amazing how large their paws are...

    -nice calling!
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    Thumbs up Nice!

    What size shot do you use?

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    Default dagum big cat

    recon what that thing would do to my tree dog ?id hait to have just one dog on that cat .he problaly wouldnt run much just turn around n have one heck of a fight .lol

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    Default Shot

    Federal Ultra-Shok High Density BB in 3 1/2".


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