Probably a long shot, but I'm wondering if anyone on here has one of these suits? Any sizing issues? I just bought one on close-out (can't return it) and it doesn't fit. I read all the specs and thought no problem. Basically it's a drysuit with a removable thermal liner and outer protective shell. It's rated for 6 hours in 32 degree water, but still light enough to work in. The thing is sweet, but the sizes are misleading. I opened the dry suit zipper, slipped both feet in and left arm through the neoprene cuff. Next it says to simultaneously put your right arm in the sleeve while you pull the suit over your head. Problem, there isn't enough suit to stretch over my head and the crotch is already bottomed out. Sure wish it fit cause the thing is nice, but what a waste of good money. Off to ebay I guess. I called Mustang and the tech had nothing to ad, just "huh that's weird!" More suit then I needed anyway, so guess I will look for the more tradition float suit unless someone has a yoga maneuver I haven't thought of!