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Thread: BLM OK's a race on "our" trail system prior to receiving any input from anyone.

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    Default BLM OK's a race on "our" trail system prior to receiving any input from anyone.

    This is from the Fairbanks Snowtravelers web site.

    A race group asked for opinions if it should/could be held in the BLM (White Mountains Rec area) (one of two groomed trail systems in the Fairbanks area).

    Then went on to ask for assistants for the race they are planning in the White Mountain recreational area. We learned it was already in concrete because BLM had given them the cabins prior to the 30 day maximum input time you & I must follow.

    This is unheard of.

    Does this mean we could have Arctic Man in Denali Park? I think not.

    I warned that will set precedence for years to follow and eventually Motorized Vehicles will be restricted/banned for safety reasons.

    We don’t have a lot of groomed trail in the Fairbanks area. I know folks that plan all winter for a trip to the Whites. Is this a doorway for a high speed Sno-go race in some of the interiors best trails??? PLZ read!

    And BTW the Sue 100 is this weekend and they don't require a Fed paid trail system! Bureaucrats

    Come on Mr. Hite and ASSA- Where is our voice???????????????????????


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    We have 2 races happen in Southcental this weekend. The K-300 dog seld race that almost 70% is run on Snow Trac groomed and marked trail and also The Su 100 is run on some of LSDA river trail that is groomed and marked. In Willow we have a lot of races that start or go through here. It is part of what most trail systems are used for, all we ask is that they donate a little money and or time to fix and help keep the trails in the best shape possible. I know what you mean, safty is our most important job on these trails. But they are for public use.
    Good Luck and I hope they don't tear up the trails to bad, or hurt anyone!
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