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    Default first live bird

    with all this great weather I couldn't stay in the house a second longer so Banks and I headed to the hills to do some training. Once I arrived in the area I was looking to spend some time I noticed a group of birds on the hill side. I left banks in the truck and I decided to put the sneak on em' in hopes of busting some of them before they busted me. Up the mountain I go slipping and sliding on the snow covered rocks and some how they saw me... haha. I busted two birds out of the group.

    One flapped its way down to the road so I let banks out of the truck to see what he would do and boy was he amp'd. I lined him up and sent him on the retrieve. The bird was flapping its wings and banks didn't know what to think about it but after a couple toot toots on the whistle he picked up the bird and delivered it back with a nice gentle grip.

    I guess he felt like posing for the camera...

    the trip was cut short due to busting a power steering hose...but it was good while it lasted.

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    AWESOME !!!!
    Glad you guys had fun. And Banks learned something.
    Looks good !!

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    Default Awesome!

    That has got to be a satisfying feeling!

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    it was awesome and I was really proud of him.


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