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Thread: How Do You Set Your TC Encore Pro Hunter Hammer?

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    Default How Do You Set Your TC Encore Pro Hunter Hammer?

    If you are a TC Encore Pro Hunter pistol/rifle owner you have the swing hammer to cock your weapon with a scope installed.

    I am a 20 year, retired, federal law enforcement officer and was a firearms instructor. I was initally trained with a S&W model 13 .357 Magnum and was taught the Weaver position. As a right hand shooter, I would have a full grip with my right hand and locked down my right thumb with my off hand thumb. When we qualified, we had to shoot prone at the 50 yard line. Most of the time I would shoot M13 in the single action mode by cocking the hammer with my off-hand thumb.

    It looks like the TC Encore Pro hunters like, Jim Shockey and Larry Weishuhn are right hand shooters and have their hammer swung left. That means they have to loosen there strong hand and use their strong hand thumb to reach over the frame to cock the weapon.

    I naturally set my TC Encore Pro Hunter Pistol hammer to the left.

    All this leads me to ask, what position do you have your TC Encore Pro Hunter swing hammer set to and are you right or left handed?

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    I was also trained in the wheel gun days, right handed and use left thumb just like you. Didn't scope my 30-30 Encore handgun but if I did I would have done just as you did, left side. I had a Winchester 94AE with a scope and the extender went on the right side for that but the left hand if forward on a rifle. I don't know why Shockey and others do what they do but would guess they have little or no revolver training to cross over and just treat it like a rifle without thinking about it.
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    No revolver training here and as such I have the hammer extensions on my scoped hammer firearms on the right side and I'm right handed. On my TC Contender, even with a 10" barrel on it, I still hold the forearm with my left hand and the butt in my right hand for offhand shots.
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