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Thread: mysterious oil appearance on outboard

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    Default mysterious oil appearance on outboard

    went to to push the snow off the boat the other day and noticed some oil dripping from where the jet lower unit connects to the engine shaft body. not a lot of oil, but enough to make the lower unit wet with oil. The engine is a 2 stroke Mercury XR6 150 HP V6 with carburetor. Have not noticed this in past years? The oil is mostly at the end of the nozzle end. The engine was winterized w/fogging oil, and stored upright on the boat outside. Any thoughts ?

    I am guessing it is fogging oil because of the very slightly foamy appearance, but don't understand how it got down there at the bottom of the shaft.

    I can call the Marita mechanic, who is awesome, but, as everyone knows, he is pretty busy and hard to reach on the phone.

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    Default I wouldn't be too concerned

    Jet motors exhaust out the nozzle. If it's a two stroke, and definitely if you fogged it, I would expect it to have an oily discharge at the nozzle. It's likely fogging oil mixed with unburned fuel and any carbon that was stripped off your exhaust tube when you fogged it.

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    Default Your'e OK

    No worries, mine does the same every year and I have been fogging it for 13 years.


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