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    I see guys selling there traplines,just wondering how that works? If your out hunting and find a spot u want to trap,how do u know someone else is not in that area? Or your crossing over someones line,and how do u charge when its public land? I do a lot of mining and deal with claims is it like that? Thank for the help

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    Default Buying Alaskan traplines

    Most of the time, you are buying someone's equipment (traps, snares, stretchers, snow machines, etc.) and paying extra for their "sweat equity" in the brushed lines and maybe a cabin or two. If the lines and cabins are on public land, you don't normally "own" them in the same sense as you would if it were private, deeded land.
    If you are out and about and it is an area already being trapped, you will usually see signs of trapping activity, even in the off season. Things like cubbies, running/leaning poles, traps hanging in trees, well brushed trails, etc. are usually pretty reliable signs someone is using and maintaining the area for trapping.
    Overlap occasionally occurs, but most trappers try to respect each others areas and try not to encroach on each other. The exception is in regards to trapping along the road system, where it can be a free-for-all due to the amount of pressure. Even then, it generally is not as bad as I've seen it places in the lower 48 (several trappers working the same bridge crossings for mink or sevearl trappers working the same beaver ponds).

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    Thanks for the info


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