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Thread: 9.3 X 62 range report/ question

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    Default 9.3 X 62 range report/ question

    Finally got to work up some loads with 286grain hornady sp

    RE 15 ,Fed 210, lapua brass, COL 3.300, -2C, 100yds

    55.5g 2205fps 1.1 inch group
    56.0g 2231fps 1.3 inch group
    56.5g 2234fps 1.02 inch group
    57.0g 2260fps 0.95 inch group.

    Shot with bushnell 1.25-4 x 24 on 4 power. CZ medium. Only 3 shot groups so perhaps they would open up a little. More impressive maybe is that all 12 shots would fit in 2.2 inches. That set trigger sure seems to help on the bench.

    There is no load data for this bullet so where do I stop? 58g RE15 is max for a 286NP at around 2400fps. The latest factory ammo from hornady has this bullet at 2360 fps. Very happy up to this point but I would like to get closer to 2400fps. (I know , I know......)

    Other point is that at 3.300 the bullet is out past the cannelure, still with .200 freebore. So I assume pressure and velocity will be less than with a bullet seated to the cannelure and shorter OAL?

    I will load 57.5 and 58 g but expect this will only just creep up to 2300fps. (again, i know)

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    Good to see another 9.3 x 62 shooter out there. I am in same place with building different loads - haven't tried the Hornady 286 yet, but looking at the data in Nosler for their 286 partition they list 58.5 grains of Re15 at just over 2,400 at COL @ 3.290. This load is compressed however. In terms of pressure I will defer to others here who know more of the science for that.

    My CZ seems to like everything I've tried - I'm just having a hard time deciding on the bullet to stick with. PM me and maybe we can share some load data.

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    I picked up a couple of boxes of factory loaded lapua 9.3x62 at wild west guns today. It will be interesting to see how they shoot in my blaser.

    It seems like your cz is a good shooter. Thanks for the load data.

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    which did you end up getting - the 285 Mega or 220 Naturalis?

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    he got both

    I have played with the Naturalis in 6.5x55. It's tough to really work them up since they are so expensive but I got a 5 shot 1" group out of them.

    Supposedly, its the best all copper bullet out there

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    Looks like I might have to come by and spend some money! I find that I'm going to the metric Euro side of calibers - and haven't been disappointed! Thanks for bringing up great quality components. Bet they won't last long.

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    I load up to 58.5 of RL15 286 Gr NP Laupua brass CCI Std primer for 2400 in a 22" barrel. Switched to Ramshot Big Game with 286 gr bullets worked up to max loads
    great accuracy and 2500 FPS! RL 15 seems to work best in my rifle with 250 gr loads.
    John Barnes gave me the load information and it shot great in my 9.3 X 62.
    Good case life and tight primer pockets.

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    377. I'd love to share loads, I just don't have that many. I got this rifle a year and a half ago and was working up some 250 grain accubonds but only got to 2360 before I had to go hunting, so I ended up buying Lapua 285 mega for hunting which leave my barrel at about 2250. and give 1-1.5" groups.

    286 partitions will be my bullet of choice for the big stuff and I will carry 250 accubonds in case the elk is 350 yds away across a field. But noslers are 76 bucks for a box of 50 so I waited until I could get the hornadys at a much more resonable 35 to work up loads, play etc.

    I am interested if anyone can comment on RE15 use in sub zero temperatures and over a wide range of temperatures. It seems to be velocity/accuracy choice but i wonder if a Hodgdon product might be better for Alaska/yukon like climates? Hogdon has some decent velocities posted for H4895 and Varget on their web site. Perhaps I will post this question in a new thread.

    Overall I am quite impressed with the CZ and the 9.3

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    35 Gibber

    From what I have heard from many sources is Re 15 is much less sensitive to temperature and like you have said results in good accuracy. I personally haven't used Re 15 in the 9.3 but have certainly heard from several people saying that is an excellent choice for it. For most of my hunting in Alaska I have settled on the 250 Accubond at around 2550 and will work a load of 286 partition with Re 15. Best accuracy I've had are with Speer 270's so I think I'll keep those for range use but have settled on the Noslers. It seems either CZ's or 9.3's or both aren't real picky on bullet/powder. I happen to really like that!

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    I have heard nothing but good things about the 9.3 X 62. Now: need good excuse to tell the wife as to why I need another gun...

    Can cases be made by necking up 35 Whelen or '06, or do you have to buy the 9.3's from the git-go?

    "I love my's the government I'm scared of"

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    Marshall/AK - Yes brass can be made from 35 whelen or '06. I thought of doing this but ended up buying 9.3 head stamped brass. I bought cheaper brass and ended up having it returned with full refund because of quality control issues with the brass and instead bought Lapua brass. It is expensive but long lasting and concentric brass. As to a good reason to tell your wife that you need a 9.3 - well your on your own for that one!


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