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Thread: moving OUT of Alaska - shipping items

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    Default moving OUT of Alaska - shipping items

    I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this, or if Global Discussion would be better, so I'll try it in both.

    After 8 grand years up here, family "pressure" is requiring I move back to Albuquerque. From my research, it appears renting a tow dolly and pulling the Corolla behind our Jeep Cherokee is the cheapest means of getting the vehicles down there. But I could use some info as far as shipping household goods. I don't think we're keeping a whole lot, probably very little furniture, but will still have a good number of boxes, etc.

    Anyone have first hand experience in doing this that can recommend (or otherwise comment on) any particular modes of transportation and/or companies in particular?
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    I'd strongly consider selling your second vehicle vs. towing it. When you look at the wear and tear on your Cherokee for towing such a long distance over major mountain passes as well as the extra fuel you'll be burning, you'll probably be dollars ahead selling here, and picking up a second vehicle down there.

    If not, buy a wells cargo 14' trailer for the cherokee and put your houshold goods in there, and then drive the corolla down.

    When we moved up 13 years ago, we bought a wells cargo for $3k, sold it when we got up here for $2k. U-haul wanted $2k just a rent one of there trailers. Get a second spare tire for the trailer.

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    I'm with Paul, get a small trailer that you can pull safely with the Heep. The 2nd car can be driven or sold; it ain't worth trying to tow it down. You'll save yourself money in the long run by getting a trailer and hauling your own stuff. The sale of the car will pay for the extra gas necessary to get it moved down.

    When I moved up 4 years ago, I picked up a 18' V-nose enclosed international car hauler that I slept in and moved my possessions with. Sold it for 2k more than I paid in the lower 48 to someone PCS'ing outside.

    Other options are to get a conex and pay a freight forwarder to ship it down for you. A co-worker has done that twice now with success while assisting family members.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, looks like I'll not be towing the second car from what I'm hearing. I'll check out various shipping options and/or selling one or both vehicles.
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