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    Default Custom Rod Tube

    I need a protective tube for a new rod. This rod is 13' and 2 pieces so I'd roughly need a 79'' tube. Does anyone have any recommendations. Ideally i would like a smaller profile tube. If I could just extend the tube that my St. Croix or Sage has that would be ideal.

    Thanks for any advice.


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    A lot of places should be able to cut you a custom length aluminum tube.

    I get mine from Dan Craft or angler's workshop Give them a call and they'll hook you up. REC components make some really pretty ones too if that's what your looking for.
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    There are retailers that have the components to make the Aluminum tubes, but for a quick and easy tube, use ABS plastic. Not as pretty, but completely functional.

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    Ill 2nd the ABS plastic. You can cap one end solid then get a screw on cap for the other end and for a few bucks you got a great rod tube
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    I ordered a fly rod tube from Clear Creek once. A custom order to my specs. Shoot them an email on the contact feature at the site below...
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    Default rod case

    try E bay there was a person that made them for you an it looked like it was not to much $$$$, if you you use the plastic water pipe look a little bit as there is some differance in wall thickness an it means less weight also the type of screw on cap, a couple of types also on the both ends make sure you put a little spounge or soft rubber to potect the ends of the rod, also put one small hole in the cap so air can come an go, it has ben proven that the case will break fron the differance in air pressure on the case, make it real small hole less then 1/16 inch diam. + plus you can paint it almost any color you want [easy to see] this case hole is real inportent if you fly on airplanes, make sure the rod bag also fits in the hare case


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    Default Thanks guys

    Thanks for all your responses. I love this forum! My girlfriend always gives me a hard time for how much time I spend on it but it gets me through these crappy frozen water winters till that first woosh of the line through the guides!

    As an aside I am going to go with REC or the ebay option. I have e-mails into both. The ebay guy looks like he makes a really cool product and can custom make a rod bag to go with my new set up.

    Thanks again guys,



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