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    Default New BoG member

    New guy appointed by Parnell. He's a trapper.
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    Al is a good guy real approachable and easy to talk to.

    rather surprised to see Bell getting replaced i had heard it was Grussendorf . we can expect a lot out of Al over the next few years. should be an interesting meeting. this year...

    FAIRBANKS — Fairbanks once again has a seat around the campfire that is the Alaska Board of Game.

    Fairbanks fur tanner Al Barrette was appointed to the game board last week by Gov. Sean Parnell.

    His appointment ends a year-long gap in which there was no representative living north of the Alaska Range on the seven-person board that regulates hunting and trapping in the state.

    Barrette, 44, is an avid trapper and hunter who owns Fairbanks Fur Tannery. He has served on the Fairbanks Fish and Game Advisory Committee for the past six years and was recently re-elected for a third three-year term, though he will resign from the committee effective at the end of the advisory committee’s monthly meeting tonight.

    Barrette applied for a seat on the game board about two months ago. He said his time on the local advisory committee ignited an interest to dive deeper into the process.

    “I was encouraged to do it and I wanted to do it,” Barrette said.

    Fairbanks Fish and Game Advisory Committee chairman Ray Heuer called Barrette “an excellent choice” to serve on the game board and not just because he’s from Fairbanks.

    “He asks appropriate questions, and he’s not a ‘yes’ man,” Heuer said.

    The fact that he is the only member of the board living in the northern part of the state is important, he said.

    “He has the Interior’s best interest in mind. That’s what we’re lacking right now,” Heuer said.

    Barrette replaces Bob Bell of Anchorage, whose three-year term will expire on March 1.

    Former state legislator Ben Grussendorf of Sitka was reappointed to the game board for a fourth-consecutive term by Parnell. The appointments of both Barrette and Grussendorf must be confirmed by the joint legislature, but both are expected to participate in a board meeting scheduled in Fairbanks Feb. 26-March 6.

    The governor’s spokeswoman, Sharon Leighow, said Barrette has “a wealth of experience in issues involving Alaska’s game resources” and “his hunting, trapping and guiding experience, as well as his service on the Fairbanks Fish and Game Advisory Committee, will make him an effective member of the Board of Game.”

    As the second-youngest member of the seven-person board, Barrette said he will offer “new ideas and a maybe a younger perspective” to the board, which often finds itself embroiled in controversial issues like predator control and cow moose hunts.

    “More modern with some of the old-school thinking,” is how Barrette summed up his philosophy.

    Barrette has a hunting guide’s license and calls himself “a consumptive user” but admitted trapping is his first love.

    “I will definitely be a representative for the trappers,” Barrette said.

    Barrette, an Army transplant who has been in Fairbanks since 1989, said he talks to a lot of trappers and hunters who come through his shop and has a good idea what’s on their minds.

    Fairbanks advisory committee vice-chairman Virgil Umphenour said Barrette is familiar with the game board process and is an active participant, both at the meeting table and in the field.

    “I think he’ll do great,” said Umphenour, who sat on the state Board of Fisheries for six years. “He does his research and he has the moral courage to question the (Department of Fish and Game) if he thinks they’re wrong.

    “That’s what you need to be a good board,” Umphenour said. “That and the dedication to spend the time to study the department’s scientific reports and look for other scientific reports the department doesn’t present.”

    Long-time Fairbanks advisory committee member Mike Tinker said Barrette represents a more “hands-on” approach than most board members because he makes his livelihood on trapping and still spends considerable time in the field.

    “Al is not your Ph.D. type,” Tinker said. “He’s your blue-collar guy. He comes at it from the standpoint of I went out and tried this and it didn’t work; why not? He brings a whole different perspective than we’ve had before.”

    The board has not had a trapping representative for several years, Tinker noted.

    “I think he’ll represent Alaska trappers well,” he said. “It’s important to have somebody who knows when somebody is blowing smoke when they’re talking about trapping and Al will do that.”

    Barrette’s seat on the Fairbanks advisory committee will be filled by former committee member Emma Lee Grennan, who was the first alternate in December’s vote to elect four new members. Grennan has been filling in for another committee member on a leave of absence and will assume Barrette’s spot following tonight’s meeting. Mark Albert of North Pole, the second alternate in the December election, will take over the temporary seat Grennan was filling.
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    We'll soon see. He has the opportunity to do right by Alaskan's, but given the fact that he is a guide, businessman and considerable skin in the game, he has the potential to lean toward Special Interests that will benefit him and his associates monetarily. Fur Traders can be cagey, maybe that will be his best attribute he brings to the table.
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    Al has always had some pretty strong opinions on hunting. Most of them I agree with him fully. He really pushed to have military drawing permitted tags held for them if they were active duty over seas and wouldn't be home during the hunt period.

    I've spent quite a bit of time talking with him over the years at his shop. He is a real stand up guy, but could use a little better turn around on hides.

    He hunts all over the place in Alaska, so he is very knowledgeable on a wide array of areas. He should be a great asset to hunters, but hopefully politics won't get involved too much. I thought Pete Buist did a great job in there as well, and he ended up with a fairly short term. Seems like when they get somebody that has common sense and challenges the rest of the board, their seats get pulled out from under them. I'd love to see Grusendorf off the board, he's been there long enough, and has misled plenty of people on numerous issues for long enough now.

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    He is one or the one that is supporting the idea of allowing snow machines on the haul rd.

    I don't get it with the other groups... I understand what they want. But do they understand this is the BOG not parks and recreation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaska Gray View Post
    I don't get it with the other groups... I understand what they want. But do they understand this is the BOG not parks and recreation.
    Why then do they support Special Interest Groups? What I don't understand and never will, why any group would want and lobby for special treatment or priveleges. But...the fact that they do, will always force the BOG to react to the requests. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, not difficult to comprehend for me.
    BTW: People were running snowmachines in that area, before the Haul road was constructed. People were killing caribou in the pass, with rifles, before oil was discovered at Prudoe Bay. The ONLY reason for the current restrictions is Political and to benefit the local native population. PERIOD. Not as some like to think. It is not a Bowhunting Exclusive Hunting Area. It changed to that and can change some more. Likely it will, at some point. When the Political Winds change direction.
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    Agreed, Jerod. Al is a stand up guy.

    I'm fortunate to call him a friend. We've had interesting talks over the years, too.
    Should be a great choice for BOG. The guy knows Alaska and its game.

    He is a bit crazy, lol. Bumped into him one year across Brown's Lagoon on Kodiak. He was bow hunting for deer in bear-maze-like grass.
    I asked him where his bear protection was and he just laughed and nodded towards his bow.
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