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    Default 2007 polaris dragon 700

    i heard somethings went wrong with the 07 dragon. some people complained about the lack of power, the injectors foul the plugs right away. does anyone know what the deal is with this sled? like whats so bad about it? and the CLEAN FIRE INJECTION (CFI), is it the same as the injection as the ski-doo SEMI-DIRECT INJECTION (SDI)? i just recently got a dragon... but i got it cheap because the engine was blown out the bottom of the crank case. im just getting more info on how it works. so basically this is my first high performance snow machine.

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    I have an 09 RMK and it was lacking power at times, then i got a recall notice in the mail. I took it in, they reprogrammed the computer and it has run great ever since. I would contact the Polaris dealer in your area and talk to them about it, they probably know how to fix it, and if it is something as simple as plugging it in and reprogramming, then it shouldn't be too spendy.

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    Default Fuel Mapping?

    I thought I heard that there was a problem with the fuel mapping on the 07 Polaris. The computer reprogram the last guy mentioned may cure the issue.

    I know they even had a bigger problem with the 09 Assault. The guys at the Marita seem to be straight shooters. I would call and ask. The phone call is free at least.

    Good Luck.

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    I have the 07 Dragon and have not had any fuel problems. It runs very strong, but I have done some work to it. The only problem I have with it, is over heating on hard pack/ice. 2 weeks ago it got so hot on me that I lost a piston and cylinder, the price for playing. It is all back together and running strong again. Hoping for more snow down on the Kenai Pen.
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