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Thread: New M70 Win

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    Default New M70 Win

    A lot of recent threads re various rifles and which is better. I read last week somone here stating that the m70 was the best out of the box domestic rifle.

    Do not construe this as combative, but could you explain yourself in terms of non-subjective facts?

    I am looking for a lighweight 6 or 6.5 for a youth (and occasionaly me) and love the look of the schnable and fleur de lis. What makes it better in terms of quality than ruger?

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    As far as out of the box goes, I would say the Winchester has.
    A. Better trigger, but each gun will vary.
    B. Nicer finish, if you care about the sharp lines and such.
    C. And this is purely personal, but most people like the stock design better. And the come fitted with a nice Decel pad.

    As a general rule the Winchesters usually shoot a little better, but not so much that game or the average shooter could tell.

    O'yea and it comes in a big red box that says"WINCHESTER" on the side.

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    Default love my new model 70

    In the past 5 years I have had 3 NIB rifles. A tikka t3 270 win, a sako 75 300 wsm, and my pride and joy model 70 sporter in 270 win.
    I didnt know what I was missing until I opened that red box and headed to the range for the first time. It fits right, feels right and punches tight little groups with 140 gr hndy btsp on top of 59 gr h4831sc.


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