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    Default navigation software

    I want to set it up an additional navigation on my laptop and have a mac and was told I will need to set up windows to be able to run it and planning to use nobeltec software and then a gps receiver? for the Homer/ kodiak area any comments before I start spending $ thx Steve.

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    Default talk to tech guys

    I can't answer your question on the Mac part as I run all PC but I would make sure and talk directly to the tech guys at Nobeltec or to some of the major sellers in Seattle like Harris Electric for example as they will know the answer beyond the attempt to sell you a package anyway

    Had experiences when Vista came on line and I had new laptop and very few if any of the Nav software folks were up to speed on patches, etc. tho everyone wanted to sell me more software without knowing themselves if it would work on Vista......Got it all worked out eventually but it was not fun and lots of delays and lockups, fortunately it was a backup.

    Sometimes the Marine Navigation software is a bit behind the cutting edge so I would check with the Source before buying


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