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    Well looks like i will be comming up to alaska. I will be living in chugiak just north of anchorage and going to school at UAA. I will be working at an excavating company in anchorage over the summer. I hope to find some good fishing and good hunting especially duck hunting if they have that around that area. i have taked to a few people and they have said to do lots of exploring and figure out the terrain before venturing off into the woods which of course i was planning on doing any ways lol. If any one has any tips on types of fishing gear to bring up that would be greatly appreciated. I have fished and hunted just about everthing in Northern MN (not trying to act like a know it all or anything like that just saying i have some gear) but i am going to be getting more i am sure. Just looking for any tips or help to make the transition little smoother. I am also into snowboarding so i am pretty excited for that also. I was told to come to this site and ask questions from a member of another site so i decided too !!

    Thanks for the help

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwackkillncrew View Post
    I hope to find some good fishing and good hunting especially duck hunting if they have that around that area.
    Nope, no "especially good" duck hunting in the area. Now move along, nothing to see here. Ignore the trucks with boat trailers parked next to the highway. Those guys are just salmon fishing. Honest. Just salmon fishing.

    Not a lot of walk-in duck spots, but there are several boat in spots. If you can manage it bring along a duck specific small marsh boat with a small long tail. You will enjoy local hunting much more if you have this kind of small rig.

    Geese are a target of opportunity in this area so not much call for geese gear if you have a bunch of it.

    Go over to the waterfowl forum and search for "anchorage" in the posts and you will have all the info you need to get started. Of course september is going to be the busiest time of year for construction season so with that and school you won't have much time to duck hunt anyway.

    With the excavation company be careful about going into the whole. Our State OSHA is really good for catching people doing stuff they shouldn't be doing. And our soil sucks when it comes to trenching and almost everything needs a trench box.


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