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Thread: Maybe moving to Fairbanks?.... I hope...

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    Default Maybe moving to Fairbanks?.... I hope...

    I had been living in Alaska, but my wife decided things were "too remote," so we moved to WI, and I've been regretting it every day. Right now, our tentative plan is to move to Fairbanks sometime soon. (If we could get rid of our house, I'd leave tomorrow)

    Does it get difficult to find a place to stay in the summer? Curious if the rentals disappear due to tourists coming through. I've been to Fairbanks a few times, but it's always been after tourist season.

    Also, I'm really curious how much you have to pay to heat your homes there, hoping I can get a few replies on that. I used to live in Glennallen, we had to heat one place I was in with oil, another place we supplemented with wood. Trying to figure out our expenses through the year.

    And another question, my wife is thinking she's going to want to run a very small (2 or maybe 3 children) childcare setup. How common is something like that around Fairbanks?

    We haven't chosen a particular area yet. I really like Salcha, but I'm sure my wife will want to be closer to the city to start with, so not really set on any exact location yet.


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    Fairbanks does tend to tighten up just a bit in the summer, but August is typically a GOOD renters times as the land lords are willing to deal to keep the house full all winter..

    heat bill vary, many have found it beneficial to include heat w/rent though dry cabins w/o water tend not to. much will depend on your rental budget.

    I used day care for years all was in a private home very common here your wife will need licensed. to do so.

    lots of folks headed home this year places will fill up fast in Fairbanks and N-pole areas. salcha is not so and nor is Gold stream, ester, or two rivers areas, all are a few moments(~20) out of town , none really "remote" salcha is probably 35 min from town.

    Fairbanks has its own craigslist now. many rentals are on there. to give you some ideas.
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