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Thread: Needed: Flight to Lake Clark June 18 or 19

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    Default Needed: Flight to Lake Clark June 18 or 19

    I have a 72 year old friend fulfilling a dream to visit Alaska. He really wants to visit Dick Proenneke's cabin but the small charters want $800 minimum and he can't swing that much. He's willing to pay- but not that much. Any suggestions or offers to take him?

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    Default That is the going rate

    Unfortunately that is not a bad deal. By the time you buy a roundtrip ticket from Anchorage to Port Alsworth and then a second round trip out from Port Alsworth to the Twin Lakes you are looking at around that price. I would suggest perhaps trying an air charter out of Anchorage direct to Twin Lakes with a few people to make it more affordable. There is no cheap way to get there. It is a beautiful flight down the inlet then through Lake Clark Pass then over to the lakes. Also might try an Air Charter out of Homer. You would be a little closer to your Destination.

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    Also a heads'up that if you can't wait for CAVU, you could get close but not into the lake.......
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