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Thread: ATV vs RHINO

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    Default ATV vs RHINO

    Looking to buy ether a rhino or grizzly. I will be using it for both sport and hunting. Wanted to know if some rhino owners could help me out with my choice, looking for some pros and cons.

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    Default ATV or Rhino

    For my money I think you're better off with the ATV. Don't get me wrong, the Rhinos are great as are the Arctic Cat Prowlers and the Polaris Rangers, but I think you get more versatility with the ATV, especially if you do some sport riding. Throw a good trailer behind the ATV and you can haul even more than you could in the back of a UTV, they weigh less, have a shorter wheel base so they turn tighter and with all the accessories you can fit them with, you'll be more then set for whatever you want to do. The new Grizzly is a heck of a machine by all accounts I've heard and I think you'll be real happy with that decision. Good riding!


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    Default Rhinos

    I own two and have never owned an ATV. We bought them because I have small children and we felt safer putting them in side by side than a two up. We've never had a problem doing the same terrain as an ATV.


    Side by Side config
    Drives like a car and easy to control in rough terrain
    Great performance and ground clearance
    Bed and storage
    Roll Cage
    Warm - with windshield/enclosure


    Expensive with accessories (cab enclosures, windshield etc) I've got $11K in each
    Governed - 40 mph tops but I don't need to go faster but they are limited in reverse as well - they sell a CDI kit to bypass and allow full power in both directions (I don't have it yet, but everyone says its great)
    Potential for tip over if too aggressive, but that's more a reflection on the driver than the machine IMHO
    Long wheel base - aggressive mogul style hills may leave you teetering like seesaw (I've done that once)
    Heavy - when its bogged down, its bogged down - make sure you have a winch (I have it high centered once, but it winched out pretty easy)

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    I purchased a rhino last fall and love it! It is so much fun, I go hunting with my cousin and he has a he wants a rhino. I have riden atv's quite a bit and I think the rhino is very comfortabe comparted to the wheeler. Aftermarket parts for the rhino are crazy you can get just about anything. I have a hard top and hard cover over the bed and it is really nice to throw all the gear in the bed and it stays dry. Just got a snowplow for it this week and it did really well.

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    Do you have the 660 or the 450? I have an 02 660 griz with a bunch of mods but would have bought a Rhino if they would have been out for the wife and I. Trying to talk her into one now.



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