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Thread: Barnes Varmit Grenade

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    Default Barnes Varmit Grenade

    Maybe you've seen the video of the Barnes VG hitting a grape and exploding.

    Well, I don't think that is typical performance. I tried some out last night and they drilled straight through 3 layers of cardboard (2 layers together, 3rd layer a foot behind). Perfect .22 caliber hole through all 3 layers with no fragmentation.

    I was using minimum loads from a 16 inch .22-250 pistol barrel so I estimate about 3500-3600 FPS but I'm not sure.
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    Well since that was a promotional vid I would not be surprised if they hand picked the shots used.

    That said I am not surprised your bullets failed to expand in your test. Card board is relatively light compared to fruit or varmits. While fruit are not varmits it is a hell of a lot closer then card board. The bullets need something like water which is relatively dense to impact against and blowup. Place a sandwich baggy full of water or fruit with a lot of water in it there and I suspect you will see results much more like the video.


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