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Thread: 2007 Moose hunt

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    Post 2007 Moose hunt

    I am planning to hunt GMU 24D (pending the draw) in 2007. I could use some help with transports. Is an air taxi the best bet or can you use a river transport just as well. Can you do a float trip in this area or do you need a motorized craft to fight the wind and slow water? If so how big of motor is desired? I have hunted Elk and Mule Deer for 20+ years in the Rocky Mountains so I feel like I am fairly prepared for my first Alaskan Moose hunt. I have floated some major rivers in the lower 48 (Snake, Colorado, Green ect) so I am not a complete novice to floating. I just have never done it for a hunt. Only been to AK one time for a fishing trip in 2002 and I can't wait to get back. Any help is greatly appreciated. If you have questions on Elk and Mule Deer hunting in the Rocky Mountains, I have hunted most of the western states I would be glad to help out a first time Elk or Mule Deer hunter.

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    depending on where you hunt up there, there are some aircraft limitations, that you can't use a plane to hunt,transport or anything to do with moose.
    Thats native country so during moose season the rivers will be pretty busy with boats, not sure if theres an air taxi out there that'll fly you or if you'd have to fly from some other village. its all flat of the most part, rivers with cut banks, most folks just hunt it by stopping at every clearing calling for 20 mintues and leaving. very few actually sit in one spot and hunt. big bulls come outa the country though. you might want to see if you can find some past pemit holders and put a bug in their ear about how they did it. gonna cost a pretty penny thats for sure, alot of logistics to what you want to do.
    good luck enjoy the bugs.

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    Larry Bartlett at Pristine Ventures Outfitting is great for getting guys hooked up and outfitted in many different units. This unit sounds a bit more complicated, but he'd probably know the low-down. Btw, he specializes in float hunts.
    I've not used his services, but many here have with great success.
    A quick search in this forum's extensive handy dandy archives should get you started. Click on Old Forums (upper right) and look for the archives link...

    Happy New Year,

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