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Thread: nils auger extension?

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    Default nils auger extension?

    Anyone know where to find one of these? I been looking online, can't seem to find one. I like idea of the extension blades, rather than just a straight steel shaft.

    I was wondering if they are available anywhere in state? I'm in the bush, so I would hopefully be getting on shipped. Thanks everyone,


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    Check icegator or fish307. Will probably have one.

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    I just got mine in the mail from JP at Nils USA. I am not sure what it cost me because i bought an extra blade for future use also. Call JP and tell him you're in Ak and your having trouble finding any Nils products. He hooked me up and was willing to send it USPS rather than fedex or UPS.
    802-658-1070 is his number. Tell him James Sent you.
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    Thanks guys - I'll give that number a call.


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