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    Happy New Year!
    We usually spend mid-late July at our place in Sterling, fishing Kenai reds, Deep Creek halibut, and sometimes go to Seward for silvers. I've been itching to go to Kodiak and wonder if the fishing is good enough to spend 2-4 days there; maybe drive to Homer, take our truck on the ferry?? BTW, how much is the ferry to take a truck to Kodiak? Are reds or silvers running in freshwater during that time there? Also, for someone who's never been to Kodiak, could I expect to find good fishing on my own? Anyone live there to show us the ropes if we come? Really want to go there! Probably do a salt water trip too! Never caught a big king or yelloweye! Saw a show on TV on Kodiak fishing and that got the fire going! Any resonable place to stay?
    Thanks to all,
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    Have only fished the Ajakulik River (Red River), the reds will reach the top around 7. of june........loads of fish nerby the mouth of the small river going up to Red Lake.

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    Default KodiaK Fishing at Any Angle

    Everything you need to know about the Kodiak fishery is in this site's bookstore. It is fully comprehensive and will cover everything you need to know from start to finish.

    The island's opportunities are superior and affordable. The road system offers up about 100 miles of highway angling that is a mind-blower. The best news is that it is relatively UNCROWDED!

    Trust me. I wrote it and published it for persons just like you...

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    I just finished Kodiak Fishing at Any Angle and it is a must-read for anyone planning a trip to Kodiak. It covers everything an angler needs to know to make a visit to the Emerald Isle. I made reservations within days of reading the book.

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    Default Kodiak Fishing

    Big Jim,

    P.M. me, I do fresh and saltwater guiding on Kodiak. If you need any info I can help you out.

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