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Thread: How Much Power?

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    Default How Much Power?

    the 26 Alaskan Hewescraft is listed (at increasing prices) with dual 130s, 150s and all the way to 225s

    How much power do you really want to have?

    I want to maximize mileage effeciency, but be safe and capable of handling any situation.

    I don't care much about going fast...generally I cruise and find that a lot of places I go in PWS are often too bumpy to run on step.

    Whats the real difference between twin 150s and twin 225s?? (besides the price).

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    Default Motors on 26' Hewes

    I repowered to 150s from 115s. I love the extra speed, without any noticeable sacrifice in efficiency. I'd love to be able to use the power of 200s or 225s, but could never justify the cost, given the restricted opportunity to use the power. I think the 150s are about perfect for most of the water I run - K-Bay/CI, Res Bay, PWS.

    If you can afford 200s, you might like them. But I would encourage anyone getting this boat (esp w/ XL cabin) or one of the new cuddy cabin Hewes to go with 150s.


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    Default Which motors?

    I have been running the 26" Alaskan Searunner with the XL cabin and 4 stroke 115 HP Yamahas for 5 years. They are plenty of power for that boat with 156 gallons of fuel, 6 adults and gear. The 150 HP motors would be better though. I would never want to be under powered in a boat. So if your starting new I would go with the 150 HP motors.

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    While I don't have any expereince with that size of a boat I could be off on saying this, but it sure seems like dealers like to put the minumum rated motor on their boats to lower the price to get your attention. I have seen alot of boats that imo are definetly set up underpower and if you didn't up the HP from the get go you won't necessarily be happy. I know of several people that wished they had gone with more HP and one in particular that recently bought a new motor. Boats always seem to get filled with alot more gear or people than you originally planned.

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    What Bighorn said. Most common complaint of new boaters is they feel there boat is under powered.

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    I know a couple of friends with twin 130's on this boat and they work great, but more power will allow you to cruise at the lower end of the operating range, increasing motor life and maybe fuel mileage.

    So many choices, what's a person todo.
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