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Thread: Bullets and loads for 416 Rem (350gr) for Alaska

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    Default Bullets and loads for 416 Rem (350gr) for Alaska

    I've got my 416 Rem built this winter and ready to go! I want to work up some 350 gr loads this spring. I have two boxes of Speer MagTips and a box of Barnes TXS. I thought I'd try RL-15 at about 76-78 gr for about 2450 fps, I need to run them across the crony, then head to the range. I want a "mild" load but still OK for anything in North America. Is that a reasonable load to start with...perhaps there's better ones.

    Has anyone tried BearTooth 335 or 350 gr gas check lead bullets in the 416 at around 2400 fps?? They could be a great alternative to jacketed or copper bullets...Thanks,

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    As a side note, do you have any 416 remington brass? I heard that remington quit making it. Let me know if you find any, I have been trying to find some for mine.

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    I'd be really surprised if Remington quit making 416 REMINGTON brass. Anything's possible, I guess.

    Love the 350 MagTip over Re-15.

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    I've had success with the 350 Mag Tip in my 416 RM, but it is not the most accurate bullet IME. I think this stems from their diameter running .415 (& smaller) instead of .416. I've found this to be true with several lot numbers from Speer. They perform well on game, but I prefer a little heavier bullet. RL 15 works well but I have gotten excellent performance from IMR 4064 with the 350 grain bullets in my rifle.

    I can't comment on Remington's production of brass. I bought a supply last year, so I'm set for the foreseeable future and of course H&H brass is available, inexpensive and easy to fireform so it's not an insurmountable issue--though it is inconvenient.

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    Default 416 loads

    I have shot my 416 Rem mags around 2600-3000 times.I had 6 of them at one time.I am now down to 3 .I load the 350 gr mag tip to 2400 fps with 76 grains of reloader 15.I love this load.We shot 150 of them in one day once for fun.


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