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    Default New Product

    I wish I could post this in several location but that is just not going to happen and I do not want anyone to feel I am advertising for something or someone although I have been known ;-)

    I was doing some research for my next extended float trip and found that AR&K now carries this item locally in Anch. For all of us who accomplish extended trips Fishing, Hunting and Just Rafting while using inflatable craft this is a considerable advancement in saving weight. It comes in a 10lb or 20 lbs tank. Looks like I just found room for those extra Beers!

    Lite Cylinder 10# Composite Propane Tank

    Visible Propane Level Fiberglass composite materials allow you to actually see how much fuel is left. No more gauges. No more guessing.

    30% Lighter than Steel Composite cylinder matches steel for strength but is 30% lighter. And, the plastic housing has handles for easy carrying.

    Non-Corrosive Material The plastic casing and fiberglass composite cylinder materials will never rust or corrode. They’re long-lasting and great looking.

    SPECIFICATIONS - 10 lb Propane Cylinder
    Visible Fuel
    30% Lighter than Steel
    Non-Corrosive Materials
    Propane: 10.3 lbs (4.7kg)
    Butane: 11.8 lbs (5.3kg)
    US Water Volume: 2.93 gallons
    Service Pressure: 294psi (20.3b)
    Proof Test Pressure: 441psi (30.4b)
    DOT: Approved
    TC: Approved
    ISO 1119.3: Approved
    EN 12245: Certified

    Well worth looking into!!!!!!!

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    I'm interested. What kind of price range are we talking about?

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    Default Thought it better not to list a price

    Like I am trying to sell them etc.... Around 80 bucks from what I hear give or take a few dollars. When I found out they added them to this years store front I called Mark and got the skinny.

    Nice to know they are available in fact I called my Bro back in MI who uses tanks all the time to dear hunt and he is looking for a vendor back in MI. after I sent him the link.

    I know I will be 20 lbs lighter on my first 10 day float this year. :-)

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    I saw those in the Cascade Outfitters Catalog last summer. They seem to be worth pursuing, but maybe a season or two down the road when the price comes down. On 5 day or longer trips I generally pack along a gauge for the bottle(s), tho' I seldom have found the need to actually use it.
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    Default Pricing on the corrosion-proof propane cylinders

    Hey folks,

    For those interested in pricing info, nothing wrong with posting that here! ARK carries two sizes; 10 lb, and 20 lb. Pricing can be found at those links, along with more details. In short, the 10# bottle is $84.95, and the 20# bottle is $89.95.

    It says that they are DOT approved, but I would advise double-checking that to make sure. Call one of the local cargo outfits, they should know. That's a lot of dough for a cylinder. Also keep in mind that if you ship it to the Bush, you're gonna pay a $50 HAZMAT fee (depending on the carrier) BOTH ways- sometimes I ship them out and donate them in the village, if I can find someone who wants it.

    Nice idea though, especially for trips where weight is extremely important.

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