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Thread: Eberlestock "Mini Me" backpack

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    Default Eberlestock "Mini Me" backpack

    Does anyone own the Eberlestock "Mini Me" backpack? A friend of mine is interested in purchasing one but isn't sure how comfortable the backpack is with the rifle holder since the straps that go around the waist don't look very strong. Also with the rifle holder in place is there enough room in the pack to put a Marmot Precip (Pant/Jacket) in the pack plus a few small items (first aid/survival kit, socks, knife, toilet paper, flashlight, bullets)? Thanks


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    It looks like a neat pack. I havn't used it but I would imagine it will do what your friend wants just fine. I have the X1 and do like the waist belt on it but have used it comfortably with the belt removed. If you aren't sure just shoot Glen an email, he is great at responding if you give him a couple days. They are a very customer focused company, to the point that he offered to make me a custom Dragonfly with a wider scabard to fit my scoped AR15!

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    I just purchased an X2 before the winter directly from them. They are definitely a nicely built pack and they are very good with their customers, that I agree! I might just pick up the "Mini Me" as well or just wait for my buddy to buy it first


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    Yep, for customer service you can't beat them. Got a gunslinger pack a few years back while living in Nome. Wanted to take the guide gun, some gear, and a few fly rods out to some places. They made me a pack that carried fly rod tubes on the sides and the gun in the back. I have not seen customer service like that in a long time. A dying art form in this country.
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    Default great customer service

    Just got my JP9 Blue Widow pack (love it) they gave me upgraded shipping for free to alaska, was here in 5 days. you may consider a larger pack, you always seem to have or want to carry more stuff.

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    i would have to say that is a neat little set up there and i think would be a great way to carry your rifle and basic hunting gear out on trips when walking or stalking a animal to keep your hands free to climb or deal with the ground and moveing around in the area..


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