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Thread: underwater camera

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    Cool underwater camera

    Gonna get me one soon, anyone up for giving suggestions?

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    Oh that is awesome I was out on the lake and there were a few older gentalmen sitting around this thing and im a very social person so I go and ask what it is and they tell me to look at the screen and there was a bunch of fish down there it was great after that I have always wanted one. I don't have any suggestions though so good luck
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    TSS has the Aquaview, works great. Kinda big to lug around when we cannot drive to the fishing spots. However, when the bite is slow, we always check the screen to determine whether we need to move or not. Worth the $$$

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    Since I fish for lakers a lot. I have one with a 125 or 150ft long cable. Its pretty neat and I really enjoy watching it. I forget what the exact name of it is but its an aqua vu

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    Are you asking for a surface mount camera?
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    Default Underwater Camera

    First scroll down a ways as we were discussing this at length a couple of months ago.
    Second if you don't yet have a flasher yet give them a look as you will ice way more fish using the flasher vs. the Camera. .
    I am partial to Vexilar as I own an FL20 and am very pleased with it.
    As for cameras I own the Aqua view spool color and am happy with it.
    All the cable rolls up[ on a spool inside the housing and it has a 5" screen on top. There are lights on the camera but they don't do much at low light. Only problem I have is that the battery only lasts me 1.5 Hours.
    If I plan to use it alot I will bring along my portable jump start unit and use the cigarette lighter adapter witch has never run out on me.
    Also you will need to get the tripod if you buy one makes finding your lure/jig 10 times easier.
    If you are anywhere near Soldotna I would let you check mine out on the lake sometime.
    Cameras are more of a fun novelty compared to the flasher as far as finding fish.
    Oh and by the way I heard over on the Iceshanty forum that Aqua view went out of business so look into that as it could make warranty stuff difucult.
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    Thumbs down

    I really don't think you should get an underwater camera. I have one, and I would much rather have bought a nice flasher unit looking back on it. It's too much hassle for the same info. The batteries go bad pretty easy too.
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    if you plan on ice fishing with the kids it will be the best piece of equipment you own....
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    Default Underwater Camera/Camcorder

    I just picked up a GoPro HD Hero. 1080P video 960P and under, takes 5 mp pictures either 2,5,10,30,60 second intervals, or action shots 3 every 2 secs. Comes with a waterproof hardcase, its awesome.

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    really like the Aqua Vu when the water is clear, if its not they aren't much good you can only see a few feet. they are fun when the bite is slow and better when its on because you can watch fish come up and eat your bait...pretty cool.

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    I use a Fish TV. Not the best in the world, but it has had its moments. I use it all year.

    I will add that it is great to keep kids interested and entertained. It has put me on fish too. Last year, I saw one 30 feet away from the hole. I drilled right above it and minutes later, I caught him.



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