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    I decided to pull out the decoys and have Banks walk around them and retrieve a couple bumpers. I set up the spread in the back yard and everything was going great. He was retrieving the bumpers and doing a good job.

    I told Banks to mark then I threw the bumper. He sat there solid as a rock and I said..."butter"...he would buck a little....then I would say "Brittney"....he would buck a little...then I sent him on the retrieve by saying "Banks". He ran out there picked up the bumper and came right back. We did it again and when it was time to send him on his name he just sat there. I was like...huh....I said it again....same response. I started to scratch my head...what in the world am I don't wrong? Then I looked up and saw a mom and calf combo walking in the back yard....I just started laughing.

    This was the first time Banks had seen a moose and didn't know what to do. After about 15 seconds or so...he let out the most pathetic bark...I mean it was almost like he didn't even want to bark but felt like he was obligated to do so. So he gave a tiny "ruff" and dropped the hammer and tucked tail for the front door.

    All in all it was pretty funny. Any one else run into moose during their training sessions?

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    Default No, but...

    I once could not get my Chessie to take a line for the life of me, He was pretty well versed in obstacles and the line was not that difficult. I cant remember what the concept was, but he just kept veering off to the right. I recalled him, I knicked him, I put him in the truck to think about it...nothing would stop him. Finally I walked out there to pick up the dummy that he couldnt seem to reach and flushed a mallard hen off her nest in the grass. DUH!
    I had no clue the bird was there when I set up the test...I was surprised it didnt flush before I went out.
    The positive note I guess is that he never made it to the bird.
    Can you say "poison" bird?

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    Yup -- see moose fairly regularly when training. But I worry more about the one(s) you don't see, or getting between mama moose & her calf. Here's a lousy pic of a water blind from last summer. The dog is to the right of the moose, headed towards the 2nd point on the island. I didn't run it with Minto. Too risky for me, especially with a calf in the willows to the left.

    One more without a dog:

    About 10 years ago, one of my Chessies got stomped by a cow moose about 25 feet from the house door. Slammed to the ground from the rear (on bum hips), the cow kept slapping at & hitting her a few times with front hooves, and I could not hold onto younger Tule. "Great -- they're both gonna get killed" Well, Tule flew straight at the moose's nose with teeth slashing, drew blood, and it was enough for Clipper to make it into the house before collapsing. The POed cow walked away all of a sudden, but it took a loud "no, here" to get Tule inside. Clipper remarkably had no torn flesh or broken bones, road rash on her chin, 2 hoofprints on her side, and spent the day at the vet. Wouldn't wish that on anyone!


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    "Top photo" Now that's a good dog. To trust in you that he/she will be safe from the moose while running that blind. Heck....most handlers dogs would no go after seeing that moose when sent. LOL
    Once in the water getting them to stick to that right shore wouldn't be a problem. Flaring away from the moose.

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    Burke: thats pretty funny about the mallard hen holding tight in the grass. I'd argue more times than not that dogs usually know whats going on and wonder what in the world we are doing.

    I can't count how many times I've been in a duck blind...sipping coffee... kicking back...then look at the dog and see him locked on a group of birds coming into the decoys. That usually results in my spilling my coffee all over the place...reaching for the gun...and shooting holes in the sky. I'm sure some of you can relate

    3CBRS: those are some great pictures. Thats horrible about your dog and the moose. I'm glad to hear the outcome was positive because it easily could have been a bad day for the home team. After seeing some open water I can't wait for a warm spring day to come along so I can get the dog in some of those shallow sloughs around town.


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