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Thread: Any of you guys ever hunted around Ketchikan?

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    Default Any of you guys ever hunted around Ketchikan?

    Just wondering what kind of waterfowl opportunities they have down there. I've seen mallards and common mergansers on Ward Lake. I've also seen scoters and harli's there in the strait by the Coast Guard station.

    Are there decent numbers of puddlers around there. How about geese?

    If there are birds in the bays near Ketchikan would they be accessible by an 18ft open skiff with a 90hp on it?

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    I live in Ketchikan, and do some duck hunting. If you have a skiff, there are some decent places to hunt. There are Mallards, Teal, Geese, and assorted other species that go through here in the fall. You just need to find a bay with some flats at the head of it, and you should be able to get a few. I hunt the Unuk River on the back side of the island mostly, but there are some good places up N. Behm canal that are pretty easy to get to. Good luck.


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