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Thread: Aircraft Insurance - ***?!?

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    Default Aircraft Insurance - ***?!?

    So I started shopping for an aircraft and got a couple of insurance quotes and was pretty surprised at some of the numbers, especially on floats. To insure one of the planes I've been looking at a bit it would be about 1/5 of the purchase price PER YEAR on floats with AVEMCO. I'm a low timer, but that seems a bit steep.

    I'm assuming this is another one of those "if you live in Alaska we're going to charge you twice as much" deals. I'm thinking about just running without insurance now. I'd save enough money to just buy a new aircraft every few years...

    Anyway, anybody have any experience with insurance? Anyone here in state that would be worth talking to?

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    Smile insurance

    I'm assuming that you were looking for hull coverage. I had full coverage for a grand total of six months when I first got my plane. (1989)

    It was obvious to me that the insurance company wasn't thinking "if," they were thinking "when."

    I suppose their actuaries have it all figured out, but they were charging me 10% of the hull value for a six month policy. I admit, at the time I too was a real low time pilot, so maybe it would have gotten better.

    I didn't hang around to find out. Since then I switched to liability and that was a lot cheaper. I have just got accustomed to operating under the philosophy that if I screw up, that's the breaks. It keeps me erring on the side of caution, and not pushing the envelope.

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    Default hmmm...

    I was told by the folks I spoke with today that they did not write liability only polocies. I'll check that out though, thanks for the tip!

    I was mostly venting earlier. Guess I'll just have to make some extra room in the budget.

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    As I have posted here often....

    Call Dean Eichholtz at Falcon insurance in Soldotna.
    He is my broker and my DPE 907-262-5548 He can always beat Avemco

    Tell him Alex said to call.
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    If you are flying private not anything for hire Avemco is hard to beat. The main reason is the fact that Avemco does not use the Alaska short rate where you can not switch your coverage to ground or non float for a portion of the year. The float rate might seem high but when you go back to wheels in the fall your rate will go down to a wheel rate and if you want to go to ground coverage it is a very low rate.

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    Your rates will drop with hours. About 2.5 years ago I paid $3100 a year for my champ ($29000 coverage) with no tailwheel time and only 250 hours. I wrecked the champ and Avemco took great care of me using Kevin Wycroft. 250 hours later in my Bellanca 7 GCBC I pay $2660 for $46000 of coverage, and higher liability coverages so I can land on base. I can drop it another 260 dollars if I get off my butt and take 2 online safety courses. With Avemco, you can call and update your hours during the contract to lower the premiums also at Key points, like 100, 250 in type. Insurance is allot of money until you need it. Probably good idea for first couple of years, especially if your going to do much off field work. Good luck and remember best money you can add to your plane is gas(oh, VG's, big tires, better prop, gps, I better stop there, lol).



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