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Thread: swarovski esl vs the new slc

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    Default swarovski esl vs the new slc

    I have narrowed my search down to either the Swarvoski esl 10 by 42 or the new version of the swarvoski 10 by 42 slc

    The new versions are about 400 dollars less. I looked at comparisons and could find very little difference except for the close visual field of 12 feet vs 8 feet and of 3 ounces of weight. My question is of quality, water proof, anti fogging, and of resistance to being banged around. Basicaly on tough hunting but not abusive trips are both these glasses equal? Also are they both just as water proof and just as tough? I assume they both come with a life time warranty but have not checked into that. I also do not know if it is an over the counter warranty or one that you have to send to manufactuar. Any information much appreciated. Viktor

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    Chef you seriously need to contact Doug at cameraland, seriously he is the master when it comes to optics and he is a Swaro dealer. He can help you with your decision making and he is super friendly, dont be afraid to contact him. Call his 1-800 number.


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