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    Friday's almost upon us and i'm looking for someone to ride with, wherever there is some decent snow. I got some intel that there is some deep snow near the Kahiltna river but I don't know how to get there without having to travel 30 miles one way from the Forks. Would prefer something closer but i'm free to go just about anywhere.

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    Cant make it this Friday. I get back Thursday night. Kids BBall season, and me playing Hockey again, has my weekends booked for now.

    Are you able to do any weekday rides in Feb, or are you going to be around in March???

    I'm looking to get out some more then. I love spring riding.

    AKlanche and I have been trying to get together, maybe we could all do a ride.

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    I wish I had Friday off. I'll probably go riding on Saturday, but then again it will awfully quiet in the woods on Sunday.

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    We usually ride every Saturday and I ride every other Friday since that is a regular day off for me. We are headed to Kenny Creek Lodge for the first weekend of spring break, gotta cabin for Friday and Saturday night with some friends. Would much rather ride this Friday than stay home but I won't go out by myself.

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    I'm bagging the ride, can't find anyone that wants to go so i'll work on getting the floor done on my new enclosed trailer. Still planning in riding on Saturday somewhere.


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