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Thread: Reloading 50 AE for Desert Eagle

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    Question Reloading 50 AE for Desert Eagle

    A buddy has been told .500 bullets for the 500S&W are different from those for the 50AE due to cannelure placement. Are they?

    He's also concerned about shooting cast bullets through this gas-operated handgun. Problematic?

    So does anyone have recommendations for bullets/loads, primarily to get more penetration than you would expect from a JHP? He tends to carry this as bear protection.

    And if you have a pet load, where in Anchorage can you purchase those bullets?



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    Default DE

    My Barnes reloading manual has a recipe for the .50 Action Express

    It is for their 275 grain XPB bullet.

    Then at the bottom it says "Singleshot and Revolvers only" "Not for use in Semi-automatics"

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    Default D. Eagle loads

    You shouldn't use cast bullets in the D Eagle because it will clog up the gas port and affect functioning. They're a bugger to clean out. In .44 mag, the owners manual says jacketed bullets only in 180 to 240 grain weights only. The heavier bullets and loads work the action too hard and feeding can be problematical with longer bullets. I don't know what, if any restrictions are for the 50 AE, so you should check the manual.


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