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    Cool need help

    Im not training for hunting but need help. Im not new to dog ownership my last dog made 15 years. Anyway my 11 month old lab is beyond normal hyper. This dog loses his mind and is a total maniac. My problem is getting him to come. For the last month he has been really bad about getting 10 ft from me and then wont let me grab him. This frustrating because When I finally get a hold of him I want to well... But I dont want to send the whole bad mesage by punishment when I do get a hold of him. How do I end this? I prefer to not have to leash my dog in my own yard. I spemd lots of time with this dog Trying work him out this but I dont know what to do.
    I personally play and excersize him at leat an hour a day not counting his time out on the dog run. He was pretty good abou coming on command till about 4 weeks ago.

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    I had a german shorthair that went through a phase like this. I started putting a 50ft rope on her when we went outside. When I said "come", I'd give her about 1/2 second to come on her own, and then I'd reel her in as fast as I could, and then lavish praise. It didn't take too long and she learned.

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    Default shock collar and long lead rope

    put collar n rope on him .let him play around ,then give him comand .if he doesnt come give him a quik jerk an let off .,then if not bump him an jerk the lead at same bring him to you .repete once maybe twice ,stop just let him play an maybe repete process laiter .dont over do it at one time .remember he just a baby.needs time . this is how i train my mountain curs to come ,load .good luck ,take your time .

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    Im not training for hunting but need help.
    Thats no big deal as what your talking about is simple obeidence training, that all dogs should be trained to do. Like others have said go get yourself a checkcord and start working on sit, stay and come on the checkcord until your dog has it down then slowly try working off the checkcord. Only after your certain the dog knows the commands should you introduce the training collar. You may consider checking into a video that covers obeidence training or even maybe contacting a trainer to help you.
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