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Thread: hibernation areas

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    Default hibernation areas

    I was.always under the impression bears hibernated high up in the mountains but there Is lots of successful baiting goin on in flat areas such as the susitna drainages. Are these areas more productive later in the season when bears make there way down, or are they hibernating in the lower elevations already?

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    Default Dens

    Ive always been curious myself, do some black and brown bears den up in the low lands? I remember the story of the guy who was mauled one winter out on the swanson river area while doing sizemic testing for the oil companies he walked upon a brown bears den out in the flat lands and the bear came out and got him. So there must be some that den down low.

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    There are a lot of black and brown bears that den in the low country. Even some big boars den low and come out late which makes them hard to hunt on snow.

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    I have always thought that Brown Bears tend to hibernate higher in the mounians and Black Bears will hibernate wherever they find a spot.
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    Default Up, up and away.

    Towards fall after the salmon die off the bears around Valdez usually go UP. Way up. I have seem them at about 2,000 feet and the next day up to 2,800 and still going. I have a mountain in the front yard and if I can catch one in the spotting scope they are all headed up in the fall. The ridge on the mountain where they disappear is about 3,800 feet. Once in a while, if I catch it just right, I can locate tracks coming back down in late April or early May.

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    Default They do both...

    Both bears will hibernate wherever they're comfortable or habituated to. I remember a collared sow griz who had two hibernating zones, one high and one low. Go figure. Maybe she thought that if it was a weak fall (bad berry year??) that she stayed low and waited out winter as long as possible to fatten up. If it was a great fall for her, then she went up. I don't know for sure, didn't ask her. But if there are mountains/hills around, there's where you'll "typically" find their dens. If all they have are flatlands (per se'), then that's where you'll find 'em. You're right about the Big Su, not every bear for 100sq miles is denned up on Mt. Susitna. My .02...

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    Default Flats

    We've hunted the Big-Su area for several years and have found both dend low and high. The ones down low seem to find a good creak bank or stump hole/blow down to get in.

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    Default mile 60 parks hwy

    the foothills of hatcher pass have lots of dens

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    Dept. of F&G has a story about this, don't know where it is right off, but some bear's wandering around on the flats will dig a little hole and just let the snow cover them up. They came upon a couple in unit 20A that were in the middle of the flats.


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