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Thread: Lake Lucille Fishing?

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    Default Lake Lucille Fishing?

    I am going to be staying at the Best Western Lake Lucille Inn over the weekend. Does anyone have any info on fishing this lake. I see the majority is 5-10 feet with one spot that is 15-20 feet straight out from the public access. Are there only rainbows in this lake? Thanks

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    Yup, you know the lake already. Most of the fishing takes place on the north side of the island and out towards the deep spot. You will surely see several others there early. I have seen several fish over 20" during the summer but haven't actually fished it in the winter. I always drive by rubbernecking and hope for open water.

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    Default Close lakes

    Any other lakes that are decent to ice fish around there? I have fished memory lake before with minimal success. I thought maybe BIg lake. BUt I like to use bait.


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