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Thread: Valdez Halibut Charter Suggestions

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    Default Valdez Halibut Charter Suggestions

    I have family wanting to see all of Alaska in just ten days this summer. Has anyone recently used a halibut charter out of Valdez that they would recommend, or not recommend? My guests will range in age between 20 and 55 with no ocean fishing experience. Thats why I am not taking them out!!! Thanks

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    Default halibut charter

    Steve Thurneau/ Harvest charters. My family and I have been fishing with Steve for about 8 years now, always a great trip. Steve sponsors the alaska fisheries site on this forum. You can get all his contact info and see photos. good luck.

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    Default delsbrat charters

    been fishing with hem for over 15 years GRATE TIME ON EACH TRIP.


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