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Thread: Any Tokarev Owners out there?

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    Default Any Tokarev Owners out there?

    What do you think about the Tokarev? How is the round compared to the 40 S&W or 357 mag? I see that the 90 grain bullet at 1700 fps gives over 600 ft/lbs. Has any of you hunted with it? Any insights you can give me about it?



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    Ron- I haven't owned one, but back in '93, a friend bought one for around $89.00. We took it to the range and had a blast with it, it was much more accurate than the cheap 380 I had at the time, but didn't seem to have the same power as my 357 blackhawk using full power loads.

    We didn't do any ballistic or penetration testing, but my impression was that it was comparable to medium/light loads from a 38 special.

    If I found one for the right price today, I'd consider getting it to try on incidental small game.

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    From bullet weight assume you are talking about 7.62X25 and not the 9X18 and I have 2 CX52s in 7.62 Tokarev. They are a blast to shoot and as said little tack drivers so can be useful for game up to maybe fox or coyote size. Power wise I would say slightly more than a 380. But since 380 is slow & heavy and 7.62X25 is fast & light it’s not that great a comparison but as close as I can think of other than 30 Mouser. The 30 Mouser (for the broom handle Mouser) is so close that I used the 30 Mouser dies to load 7.62X25 till I found the correct dies. For a protection round I would class it with 380, much better than 22/25 but less than 9X19.

    7.62X25 can be found in the CZ52 like mine and some of the Makarev and Tokarev guns. I know you can pick up replacement berrles for the CZ52 in 9X18 and 9X19 and think that’s true for the others also. Very fun little guns but too big a gun firing too light a round for protection in my book.
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