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Thread: Landing nets for Kings?

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    Default Landing nets for Kings?

    Thinking about getting a new landing net for my boat. After perusing a few pictures of Kings being measured for the "Release a hawg" program on the KSFA website, I noticed a few cradle style nets. I have seen these used on large pike and musky in the past but didn't realize anyone was using them for kings.
    Does anyone have any experience using these cradle style nets for kings?

    Seems like a sweet setup, with much less abuse happening to the fish than would happen in a traditional style landing net.

    Also, was wondering if anyone uses a rubberized net for kings? I use one for landing rainbows and dollies but haven't seen any big enough for kings anywhere to purchase.

    Want to get a new net for the boat, and was hoping to get some good advice before I purchase something.


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    The best thing i have found is the beckman coated net. The rubber coating makes it super easy to release and hooks dont get caught.

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    I agree with KenaiKing,the Beckman coated seems to be the best option if you have to use a net.I have tried the cradle and do not like it. It is difficult to land a fish in the cradle unless you play it to death. I tried transfering the fish from the beckman to the cradle and that is too much handling. Try tailing with out a net, this is difficult too.

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    Sounds like an interesting net....where do you get them in Alaska....I don't like to buy stuff I've never seen on-line.

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    Default Beckman net

    Thanks guys. I have heard of the Beckman nets, and I believe I looked at one last year at the sportmans show. Can't remember if it was coated or not, but I seem to remember it was pretty spendy.

    Any idea where to find one here in Anchorage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenaiKing View Post
    The best thing i have found is the beckman coated net. The rubber coating makes it super easy to release and hooks dont get caught.
    The best net I have ever used!!!!!
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    You can get them at sportsmans warehouse or at trustworthy hardware in Soldotna. I spent $80. on a cradle- would gladly sell for $50.

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    I'd shy away from the cradle, the last thing I'd want to do when landing a big king is try to cradle it. WHen I'm releasing a fish I want to scoop as fast as possible so i can release them with the least stress
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    Agreed that the beckman nets are the best. I use a cradle here in MN for muskies, but thats in non-running water and muskies fight way differently than kings. Even then, I sometimes fumble with the cradle, and forget about it solo. Get the beckman.

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    Default Going with a Beckman....

    Thanks for all the great advice.
    Looks like I am gonna get a Beckman. I like the thought of the rubberized coating being easier on the fish as well as easier to remove hooks and such.

    Thought the cradle would be the best for the fish, but I can definitely see how you would have to play a fish much further to get him in the cradle effectively. If your going to release them, you certainly don't want to play them for an extended time.


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    Thumbs down treated Beckman net for the Kenai

    If you want a better C&R net for the Kenai, go with the NON-treated mesh.

    The treatment makes the mesh stiffer and MORE abrasive to slime and scales than the non-treated Beckman bag.

    The treatment is applied for the benefit of the fisherman, not the fish. It's primary purpose is to render the bag "hook-proof", ie hooks will not snag in the mesh material. These bags were designed for fishing with multiple and/or treble (and often multiple treble ) hooks.

    This is NOT a consideration on the Kenai for kings. Since it is a single hook fishery, the only point you have to worry about is already embedded in the fish's mouth. There are no hook points left to snag the bag.
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